3 Ways to Settle a Car Accident

two cars in an accident

Anyone involved in an automobile accident would have to deal with pain, discomfort, and distress. On top of suffering from physical injury, the financial burden of compounding medical bills will tighten the noose. Lost wages and economic dependability could trigger a breakdown.

If you were in a wreck because of another’s fault, the other party should provide just compensation for the damage they have caused. The financial support would be quite helpful in facilitating recovery and adjusting to the new situation.

Seeking resolution

Liability insurance coverage offers a settlement where available. In most instances, the parties involved settling a car accident without the need for a lawsuit. It’s not surprising many people who are involved in minor road mishaps opt to settle the issue before it escalates into a legal battle.

Yet, when the settlement is unfair or unacceptable, the complainant can decide to resolve it in a court of law. If a car accident settlement is veering to this direction, both parties must find car accident lawyers in Townsville who can represent them adequately.

Personal injury lawsuit

injured woman in front of lawyerA final judgment in a civil proceeding is declared after a lengthy process of deliberation and rebuttals. Either a bench trial, where only a judge is present or a jury trial will be initiated to resolve the lawsuit. In a trial, both parties will present evidence supporting their cause.

In many cases where compensation is awarded, the plaintiff is the key witness. In convincing the judge and jury of the cause of the accident, as well as the extent of the injuries sustained, the court’s authority gives the other party a mandate to provide support.

If a jury tries the case, it is required by most states that about three-quarters of the members of the jury are in agreement for a verdict to be considered valid. If the plaintiff’s party is able to prove the other party’s negligence caused the accident, then judgment would be forthcoming.

The option to mediate

There is another option to parties that cannot agree on a settlement but are not keen on taking the case to trial. A personal injury case may be handled by a mediator — a third party that offers alternative dispute resolution services.

The mediator must be neutral and able to guide but parties in considering the other’s concerns and interests. All matters discussed in such meetings are protected and confidential. Some mediation options still end in a lawsuit when the parties involved refuse to meet halfway.

Usually, the mediator is a legal professional — a lawyer or probate officer. Yet, the parties involved have full power in the mediation proceedings. In preparing for a mediation meeting, the parties involved must be ready with settlement demands.

Furthermore, in a car accident mediation, each must be prepared to argue on behalf of their demands. A car accident could turn your life around. If you are a victim of another person’s negligent act, you have the right to due for compensation.

When your insurance does not cover medical expenses, and your injuries prevent you from returning to work, the payment the responsible party will provide as compensation for damages will ease the burden and help you cope during a very difficult time.