5 Critical Labor Issues That Every Trucker Needs to Know

Truck driver

Being a trucker, with the long hours in isolation facing the elements in a large, unwieldy truck, makes one very tough and strong. This is sometimes why they earn the stereotype that they can deal with just about anything, which might be true in some cases. But they aren’t exempt from suffering from many labor issues.

They also aren’t exempt from needing the help of Washington truck labor lawyers from time to time. If you’re a truck driver and feel there’s a chance your rights are being messed with, you need to act on it as fast as you can.

Here are five common labor issues that truckers could experience.


The only thing that you need to remain as a truck driver is a legal professional license and the proven ability to drive cross-country. If you have neither or lose your license for whatever reason, it’s fair game if your employer suspends or even fires you.

However, there’s no other reason that’s acceptable. Even injuries on the job cannot immediately result in termination. There are very clear procedures need to be followed and compensations that need to be paid out.


People often describe the trucker lifestyle as fast, loose and casual. That doesn’t mean that any harassment is acceptable to any degree. When people think about harassment, they think about the physical, sexual sort, which is bad enough.

But it isn’t limited to just that. Threats and insults count as harassment. Even offensive jokes or being forced to see offensive objects or pictures are classified as harassment. It’s important to be aware that you don’t have to tolerate it.

Minimum Wage

Truck driver speaking in the radio

By law, you’re entitled to get the entirety of your wages on the day mandated in your contract, but you should have one before working. There is no excuse not to receive your wages. Additionally, the various states have laws that ensure that you get a minimum wage computed to meet the criteria for comfortable living.

You cannot be paid anything lower than this. Additionally, any work beyond your mandated hours also has to be paid.


There’s a great degree of risk that comes with being a truck driver. Accidents can happen, and these can result in great harm to you. Provided an incident isn’t a result of negligence on your part, then you’re entitled to support and compensation for the damages that you experience.

This is especially true when the injuries cause a disruption, temporary or permanent, in your ability to work. A Washington truck labor lawyer will be a big help in cases like this to ensure you get your due.


Finally, you are also entitled to receive leaves for critical events in your life. Basic among these are sick leaves if you suffer an affliction, paternity or maternity leaves if you’re a parent, and even bereavement leave when you suffer a loss in your life.

These cannot be taken away from you for any reason. Nor can they be delayed, especially in more serious, emotional cases. This is a right that should be protected.

As a truck driver, you have many rights due to you under the law. Being aware of these rights is important. And it’s just as important to know that you have someone to turn to when your rights are violated.