5 Great Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Men holding small house models selling houses concept

Selling a home can be a long, daunting process. Surprisingly, it takes longer than you buy one. So, if you are in a hurry to sell your present home so you can buy another property soon, put in an extra effort. Truth be told, the chances of landing an immediate seller are very slim. However, with these great tips, you can fasten the whole process.

1. Increase your property’s appeal

There are things that can increase the appeal of your home — clutter-free rooms, well-lit kitchen and fresh-looking paint. These won’t require you to spend a fortune but can attract a buyer faster.

Areas in your home you need to be keen on are the bathrooms and the kitchen, as these are key determinants in a buyer’s decision. If floor or wall tiles in such areas are broken or if you want to replace them with more elegant ones, then you may tap tile companies in Ottawa to help you.

Use creativity to create the illusion of a bigger space if your house is small. Put up mirrors in the walls or re-arrange the furniture or decors to create more floor space in every room of your home.

More importantly, make sure the house is clean and organized during every viewing. In short, make the buyer want to picture themselves living in your home.

2. Get a reliable real estate agent

Luckily for you, there are lots of reputable real estate companies that can help you sell your house in the fastest time record. Just choose one who is reliable and has a proven track record. For instance, an agent who manages a bigger portfolio should be the person you should be working with.

3. Think like a buyer

What would put you off if you were a buyer? The first thing would probably be a dirty home. So, get to it thoroughly, and don’t just do the once-a-week kind of cleaning but perform a deep cleaning. Scrub every floor, window, ceiling and fan. Clean under the sinks, on top of shelves and remove any tile grout. Do not leave any area of the home untouched. Every corner needs to be scrubbed to perfection. If possible, hire a professional cleaner.

4. Work on the outdoor space of your home

The first impression really matters and, in this case, the first thing a home buyer sees when they walk up to your home is your exterior space. They will likely be put off by a badly kept driveway. So, make sure that the front porch looks bright and inviting. Repaint and add decor pieces like flower pots, lanterns and flower baskets. Make sure the place is clean; remove anything that is not pleasing to the eye, and that includes the bins.

5. Use the power of staging

Man and woman planning on design of house

When you flip through home magazines and see the well-arranged living or dining rooms, don’t you feel you want to belong there? Well, all those are staged, so you get attracted to buying the homes. And this is the same thing you should do. Why? Because staged homes get an offer 90% faster than those unstaged before the listing. This is according to a study by the Real Estate Staging Association.

While so many factors come into play during the home selling process, these tips will sure put your sale process a notch faster. So, go ahead and follow them.