5 Things That Extend the Waiting Period for Your Divorce Grant

Couple Going Through A DivorceThe road to a divorce grant is messy, as you have to divide properties and discuss alimony. The hardest part is when you need to settle child custody and support.

In Colorado, the waiting period for a divorce grant is 91 days from the time you filed jointly, with or without a divorce lawyer in Denver. However, the 91-day waiting period is only the minimum. It goes beyond that if you do the following:

Separate Filing

If you file for divorce separately, the start of your waiting period will be different. Instead of from the day you filed, it starts when your ex-partner receives a copy of your divorce papers. This may take days or weeks.

Incomplete Documents

Giving incomplete documents is another reason for delays in granting a divorce. The court returns the divorce papers instead of scheduling your hearings. Having missing requirements is another story.


This is where divorce gets messy. Delays happen when you and your ex-partner disagree over child custody, support, and properties. The court sets more hearings to settle these issues and may advise you to talk with your ex outside the court.

Refusal to Attend

If you and your ex-partner cannot attend hearings, you should file an affidavit about it. A notary should sign it, as well. If you have many issues, such request may be denied. If you don’t file, you have no choice but to attend.

Aside from hearings, the court may also set status conference and out of court talks. Your refusal to attend causes further delays. It may be tough to face your ex and talk about your marriage in court. However, you have to think that it only lasts for at least three months if you cooperate.

Limited Knowledge

These days, you can find a format for divorce papers online for free. You can also look for the needed documents and prepare them by yourself. Then again, you could hardly find help with what to talk about in court. If you have no idea how the process works, you may struggle with further delays.

If you want your divorce to be granted fast, talk with your ex about filing jointly. Discuss parenting and division of your properties. Agree on the terms before you file. It also helps if you have a reliable and trustworthy divorce lawyer.