A Guide to Marijuana Charges

There’s this new law in California that says your employer can’t fire you because you use marijuana outside of work. Whether it’s for medical reasons or just for chilling out after a long day, this law’s got you covered. Now, why is this such a big deal? Imagine you’re dealing with ADHD, and marijuana helps you stay focused and calm.

But then, your boss finds out. Thanks to this law, you can breathe easily knowing you won’t lose your job over using marijuana responsibly.

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So, if you’re in California and you rely on marijuana for medical reasons, this law is like your guardian angel. It’s there to make sure you can keep doing your thing without worrying about your job security.

And even if you’re not in that boat, it’s still good news. Even when you like to kick back with a joint on the weekends. Just remember to keep it responsible. So, enjoy that California sun and know that your job’s safe and sound. In the past, someone could lose their job for using marijuana even if it was outside of work. That was the case even if consumption didn’t affect their job.

Therefore, nobody faces marijuana charges just because they test positive for a drug test. Unless marijuana use is happening at work or the employee is working for the government. The law also says that employers can’t use a kind of drug test that only shows if someone has used marijuana in the past. It should show if they are high at work.