All You Need To Know About Immigration Lawyers


LawyerMainly, the role of an immigration lawyer is to offer advice to immigrants and foreign citizens, who must engage with immigration authorities. With immigration lawyers, you will get guidance on matters such as green cards, naturalization and citizenship as well as visa application.

When is an immigration lawyer like Kim H. Buhler, Attorney at Law, P.C. necessary?

  • Applicant convicted of a crime. All applicants must disclose their criminal record, even if the charges were dropped or expunged. As opposed to hiring a criminal lawyer, an immigration lawyer has a better understanding of how criminal and immigration law overlap. An immigration lawyer will really help in such a situation.
  • Unreasonably long waiting periods. An immigration lawyer is well aware of the application process as well as deadlines and waiting time. If you have experienced unreasonably long waiting time, an immigration lawyer can help you get an expedited application process.
  • Challenges in the application. An applicant may reach a point and does not know what to do next. For instance, the applicant might be requested to provide additional documentation to support the application. In such a situation, an immigration lawyer would really help to avoid any delays.

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer?

  • High standard service. As opposed to migration agents, lawyers must be registered, have a state legal authority to operate and possess a professional indemnity insurance. The rigorous oversight seeks to ensure that lawyers conform to high standard service, and at the same time offers a strong mechanism to address complaints. Immigration lawyers can, therefore, give quality service to their clients.
  • Professionalism. You can rest assured when dealing with an immigration lawyer; you are dealing with a professional. Through established accreditation programs, specialist immigration lawyers can undertake specialist accreditation. Immigration lawyers are also required to adhere to the laid down ethical and professional standards. This way they can be able to offer high-quality service in often challenging areas of legal operation.

Do not get stuck with immigration related matters, immigration lawyers are there for you. Make your application process easier and faster by hiring an immigration lawyer.