Amicable Mediation Leads to Better Relations After Divorce

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Divorce does not have to be a messy issue. It can be done amicably without resorting to any court appearance. Couples can resort to mediation to settle problems in a manner that will benefit both parties. The aim is to have a breakup with little stress on the husband, wife, and kids. In Long Island, successful divorce mediation leads to fewer problems because the estranged couple can move on with their lives.

Getting Comfortable with Mediation

Mediation is more than a negotiation. A negotiation can be contentious, and one party might want to appear as the winner. In an arbitration, the parties meet and divide the marital properties in a fair manner. Fair meaning that their needs are taken into consideration. The key to mediation is the continued participation of both parties until they agree that the process is over. The mediator keeps the discussion within limits. Rancor has no place in mediation. Both parties understand the needs of the other and ensure that the talks reflect these needs. Both parties put their trust in transparency. Such transparency is essential in keeping both parties interested in working with one another. When one party is not open about assets and personal needs, that is a sign that they don’t trust the process and the mediator. This lack of trust has no place in mediation.

Issues Covered

A divorce forces the estranged couple to have a different marital status. Officially, they go back to being singles. This creates problems for both parties, and they might need to dispose of property to get themselves started. This is one reality that the estranged couple begins to understand very fast. Besides the distribution of wealth, other issues covered in mediation include child custody, retirement, and taxes. Discussions or negotiations revolve around resolving the given matters.

Mediation might be cheaper than having a lawyer comb through one of the party’s belongings. It is a set of meetings where the estranged couple can discuss how they are going to move forward.