Criminal offences and the role of a criminal solicitor

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There are many different situations which can result in a criminal charge and these can range from violent crimes such as sexual offences, assault, manslaughter and murder, to terrorism, drug-related offences, money laundering offences, theft and robbery and many other crimes which are unlawful acts and are also harmful to an individual or society.

What is the role of a solicitor?

A criminal solicitor is involved in defending individuals who have been accused or charged with a criminal offence. It is important to seek the advice of a criminal solicitor immediately  because the absence of professional expertise in such situations can lead to distress and panic which can be detrimental to the case further down the line. It is important to have legal representation throughout the process and the presence of a solicitor from the beginning at initial interviews with the police and authorities helps prevent the client from implicating themselves further and also paves the way for a more positive end result. By using their knowledge and expertise the solicitor is able to assist the client in avoiding the tricks and tactics used by the police and to help prevent them falling for their traps. Also they help to ensure that the client is aware of their rights and that no misconduct is carried out from either the client or the authorities which may have a negative impact on the case. The solicitor will deal with all the paperwork and legalities of the process and will collate all necessary information to  strongly represent the client in court, whilst maintaining a friendly but professional manner at all times with utmost confidentiality in mind.

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The effects of a criminal record and the importance of a criminal solicitor to prevent this

Whether the client is guilty of the offence or is falsely accused, good legal representation is necessary for a successful outcome. A criminal record can have a devastating effect on the social and professional life of a person. It can break family ties and friendships, result in unemployment, poverty and even homelessness, and can ultimately lead to further crime and complications if not dealt with professionally. By contacting a criminal solicitor at the first instance, their knowledge and expertise can help minimise the effects of such charges. Whether it is a false accusation or the client has been charged as a result of wrongdoing, rest assured the client’s best interests are the solicitor’s main priority and each case is dealt with sensitively and professionally. The solicitor can assist the client with the legal processes that are involved, as well as with dealing with the law enforcement agencies by providing strategies which will help establish the innocence of the client or reduce the penalty sustained. Without the professional advice of the solicitor the legal processes involved in criminal offences are extremely difficult to successfully navigate alone. The expert knowledge and specialist advice of a criminal solicitor is essential to help achieve a fair and successful outcome in a criminal offence, which can entail heavy sentencing and possible fines, and can help reduce the penalty as much as possible in such situations.