Dealing with a Child Custody Case: How to “Win” Your Kid Back

child custody

When a couple with a child decides to divorce and can’t reach a mutual agreement of shared custody, the final decision will be up to the judge. If you want to win the case, you need to make every aspect of your child’s life as your number one priority to prove to the court and judge that you’re the ‘better parent.’

To help you have a better chance of winning a child custody case to give your kid the life they deserve, here are five tips you should do.

Meet With Lawyers

If you’re thinking about filing for a child custody case, don’t start by waging war against your former spouse on your own. When you’re in the middle of a child custody case, the stakes are high because you may lose contact with your children for several years. That’s why it’s best to hire a family law attorney. These professionals will guide you through the ins and outs of child custody and support, increasing your chances of winning your children back.

However, if you don’t think you can afford an attorney, you can always contact a local branch of the American Bar Association. They will help you see if the Legal Aid Society can get you a reliable lawyer for minimal costs.

Take Advantage of ‘Perception’

When in the middle of a custody battle, at most times, it doesn’t matter if what you ex-spouse or other people involved say about you is true or not as the most important thing is whether the judge or court believes these statements to be factual. That’s why it’s best to do everything you can to present yourself as the ‘better parent.’ You can do this by arriving for the trial on time, dressing appropriately, and demonstrating proper courtroom etiquette.

Prepare Yourself for Scrutiny

Custody of child contract

If you’re going through a divorce, prepare to have every aspect of your life get judged. However, even if your ex-partner surfaces angry texts you sent when you were intoxicated or frustrated, and they present it as evidence, it’s wise to stay calm. That’s because acting up can do more harm than good and decrease your chances of winning the custody case, so try to remain level-headed when communicating with your ex-spouse, whether in court or outside.

Try to Settle Your Dispute Outside of Court

If you want to make sure you win your child custody case, it’s best to work before going to court as most judges will want to see ex-couples who have tried working together and solve their issues before ending up in court. You’ll need to have a tangible and verifiable paper trail that proves you’ve tried reaching out and trying to solve things between you and your ex-partner. Even if your ex disagrees, doing this sheds light on you when you arrive at court as it proves that you want to fix the issue positively.

Remember that Your Kids are the Number One Priority

Keep in mind that your children are the focal point of your custody battle. Even if you get frustrated by all the paperwork or your ex sabotages you, keep supporting your kids. Doing this not only lets you spend more quality time with them, but it also increases your chances of winning as they might end up speaking in court.

Every parent wants the best for their children, and if that involves winning a child custody case for them, the tips mentioned can help you win your case and give your child a happier and overall better quality of life.