Dealing With Divorce: Why Hiring a Lawyer is a Smart Decision

A Couple Going Through Divorce

A Couple Going Through DivorceNo two relationships are the same and the same holds true for divorces. If you are considering divorce, you need to consider a variety of options. These include DIY, mediation, collaboration, and litigation. Read on to learn more about each of them.


While this can always be done, it only works in a very few cases. Divorces can be complicated, as there are many legalities and financial factors that you need to think about. It is always better to hire a divorce lawyer in Albuquerque to understand the paperwork and know the risks before filing.


In such a scenario, a couple works with a mediator who advises them on aspects, such as child support, division of assets, and visitation rights. It is better if the mediator is a lawyer, as he will be more familiar with the intricacies of family law. This approach could help the couple part ways peacefully, making the process easier for the children your pocket. Mediation is also more private than litigation.

Collaboration or Mutual Consent

This method results in the couple working together and coming to an agreement about assets and other aspects. They don’t go to court but work with individual divorce lawyers in a neutral setting. Lawyers help their client negotiate a fair settlement. This is much quicker and less expensive.


This is the most common option because most couples don’t agree on how and why the marriage should end. In at least 80% of the cases, the decision to get a divorce is unilateral and this makes the process contentious. The most difficult part of a divorce is agreeing on division of assets, child custody, and the amount of alimony.

If you are thinking about divorce, think about it carefully and weigh all the options. Every situation is different. If you are able to work together amicably, mediation is the best path to take. But if this is not possible, it is best to work with a lawyer who is a skilled negotiator, but an aggressive legal counsel.