Divorce Talk: The Kids are Not at Fault and They Should Know

Divorce in ColoradoWhether you like it or not, divorce will always have a negative effect on your children’s lives. No child wants to be the product of a broken home. The idea that mom and dad no longer love each other terrifies children and can also undermine their self-esteem.

Some kids blame themselves for the separation, and in cases like this, questioning their self-esteem might cause young ones to go further down the rabbit hole. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help them through the process and to keep their confidence intact.

The Ball is in Your Hands

According to the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, most divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs CO remind divorcing spouses to take responsibility of breaking the news to their children. Since you’re the one asking for the separation, it’s important to explain everything in a manner your kids will understand.

During your talk, your children should understand that they’re not the reason behind the split. Leaving the matter unresolved might cause children to think that it is all their fault. Try to make things as simple as possible and take responsibility for your faults.

Texting Every Now and Then

Another way to monitor the kids is by using their love for all things tech, especially through their mobile phones. For some children, it’s easier to express their feelings via text message than verbally. A text message also gives them the time to think about their feelings without pressure.

When you allow a child to respond on their own pace, they can sort out feelings better. If you think the kids are hiding their true feelings, send them an encouraging text. Apart from knowing them, you also assure them that you’re always there.

Quality Time Matters

Just because you don’t live with your spouse anymore doesn’t mean you should neglect the kids. Your children still need the presence of both their parents. Spending time with them ensures them that the divorce doesn’t change everything. Sure, you might have to work out a schedule, but it’s better than nothing. It’s healthy for a child’s self-esteem when they know that mom and dad are still there no matter what.

Separation is hard for both the adults and kids. Sometimes, it helps to just sit down and listen to the children’s concerns. When you help them out, they’ll feel better despite the sad changes.