Double Demerit Points in Traffic Violations Explained


TrafficThe holidays are just around the corner, and oddly enough, motorists with traffic violations are finding themselves confused with the demerit points scheme. This is especially true given the updates introduced at the beginning of the year.

The Demerit Points Scheme is a national program that issues penalty points for select offences, which are recorded in a person’s driving history. It aims to inculcate the value of safe driving. A driver who has not committed any offences scores zero points, while those who reach a maximum number of demerits will receive punishment either through fines or suspension of a license.

Demerit Point System in Queensland System

In Queensland, double demerit points only apply to certain offences such as speeding and seatbelt violations that occur more than once in a span of 12 months. Say a motorist is caught speeding 21 km/h over the speed limit two times in a 12-month period in a Townsville road. The driver can expect to receive double demerit points, whether the violation took place on a holiday or not.

Those who reach the threshold of the system are at risk of license suspension and other penalties. It is important to consult lawyers in Townsville before this happens.

Double Demerit Points

Most people are aware that committing a traffic offence on a holiday will earn them double demerit points. While the demerit points system applies all year round, not all states restrict issuance, as is the case in Queensland.

Drivers making their way interstate should know, however, that New South Wales and Western Australia implement the double demerit system, which goes to say that committing offences in these states still earns them the prescribed demerits applied in these states.

Having a Queensland driving license and driving in New South Wales on a holiday makes the driver subject to traffic laws in NSW. Therefore, a speeding offence will earn them double demerit points. In relation to the Queensland Traffic History of the driver, however, the Queensland Transport only imposes the points as if it were incurred in Queensland.

Drivers with offences must review their traffic records and immediately consult a lawyer to help sort out their score. It is important to be aware of and to follow the state’s traffic laws, and ask legal advice when the need arises.