Everything You Need to Know about Child Custody 
in Georgia

Child Custody and GavelChild custody law is one of the most controversial laws in the country. In most states, the mothers are usually in favor of getting the custody of their children.

In Georgia, they have a more complex deliberation. The authorities are more concerned about the best interests of the child, regardless of the parent’s gender.

Considering Joint Custody

When choosing a family or divorce lawyer in Columbus, GA., make sure your prospect is covering all bases. The Law Office of Paul R. Bennett explains that one of the first things lawyers might discuss with you is joint custody. This means both parents share legal rights to the child or children involved.

According to Georgia family laws, the joint custody gives both parents equal rights and responsibilities in major decisions concerning the child. This includes education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and even religious practices. Each parent should be informed or updated about the child’s recent activities and developments. Both parties can make suggestions; however, the judge may also appoint one parent to make the final decision.

All in all, this may be the most considerable setup for both parties, as well as the children. Of course, it’s always better when your kids maintain good relationships with both parents.

Getting the Child’s Custody

The judge will consider many factors regarding this matter. As mentioned earlier, they are more concerned about the child’s welfare. They will evaluate both parties based on financial capabilities, physical and mental health, relationship with the child, lifestyle, and other important details that may affect the child’s future.

Maintaining Accurate Records

As much as possible, keep all documents or records that can show proof you’re doing your responsibilities as a parent. This will help you increase your chances to get custody of your child. Providing photos and other documents showing that you are present in every significant occasion or school activities can also be helpful.

There is a reason child custody remains a controversial and popular topic. Knowing that your child may lose one of his or her parents can be traumatizing for them. While this situation can be the most challenging for everyone, you need to keep fighting and move forward. Always think about what’s best for your children.