Facing Embezzlement Charges: How to Protect Your Reputation

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summary cases bookEmbezzlement. It is a word that carries a great deal of weight in the corporate world, and there are few companies who do not worry about it happening to them. So when a person becomes accused of this crime, it seems like the entire world turns on them.

This is the situation you are currently dealing with. Perhaps you were in dire need, and had no choice but to steal. Maybe you were completely unaware of what you were doing, and this is just a big misunderstanding. You could even be completely innocent and feeling indignant. Regardless, you now face the possibility of serious jail time, heavy fines, and a forever tarnished reputation.

Facing Felony Embezzlement Charges

What you want to avoid more than anything else is a felony conviction, especially if it comes with a prison sentence. Should that happen, it is effectively game over. Even when you get out of jail, your reputation will never recover as you now have a criminal record. It is going to be extraordinarily difficult for you to find another job of the same level, and in the same industry.

Many white collar crime defense lawyers, like David A. Nachtigall, Attorney at Law, PLLC agree that this is something you should avoid at all costs. But what are your options?

1. Negotiating a settlement – In some cases, you and your lawyer can work out a deal with the company for an out of court solution. While this essentially means that you are still admitting to the crime, it is still a far better result than being convicted in court. Whenever this option is available, it is usually worth exploring.

2. Reach a plea deal – Cooperating fully with the investigation, and negotiating with the prosecutors for a plea deal, can greatly lower the severity of the charges against you. You also avoid the uncertainty and stress of a trial. This approach comes with several advantages and disadvantages, so carefully weigh your options before pursuing this.

3. Prove your innocence – Finally, a strong case and a good lawyer can give you the chance to beat these charges entirely. By finding flaws in the prosecution’s case, and investigating the relevant financial details, you can prove that you were not at fault. Having the case dropped is the best possible outcome for you, but might not always be possible.

This will undoubtedly be a stressful and turbulent time for you, but take heart. It will pass eventually.