Filing for Bankruptcy: When Legal Aid is Needed

Legal Aid in USA

Legal Aid in  USAWhile you can file for bankruptcy without a lawyer, called filing pro se, it’s strongly advised that you get help from a lawyer. Bankruptcy can have long-term legal and financial outcomes, most especially in the following instances.

When Your Chapter 7 Case is Complicated

Particular Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases are more complex than others due to different reasons such as: if you’re a business owner, have several assets, have a yearly income above your state average, or have credit issues with possible claims of fraud. When one or more of these apply to your case, your case may be potentially dismissed, your assets sold or seized, of you can face a lawsuit to identify if specific debts shouldn’t be discharged.

When You’re Filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You may be considering filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if you want to resolve your mortgage debts, eliminate a second mortgage, fix an auto loan, repay priority arrears that are deemed non-dischargeable, or if you’re not eligible for a Chapter 7 because of your income.

Chapter 13 cases are significantly more complex than Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases mainly because aside from filing more official forms, you should likewise develop a repayment plan, which is extremely difficult to perform without the right skills and tools attorneys from law firms in Little Rock have.

Additionally, particular actions like getting out of a second mortgage or auto loan will typically require filing more paperwork and forms in the court. More importantly, it is crucial to note that a vast amount of Chapter 13s filed without legal aid are automatically dismissed, so getting help from a lawyer may be your best bet.

When You Can’t Do It by Yourself

Even if you’re planning on filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, know that the entire process will take a whole lot of time and self-discipline. You will have to properly research governing laws, accurately fill out the proper forms, and attend all court hearings.

When you feel that you can’t do all these by yourself, getting help from a lawyer is definitely recommended.