Find your community! Rewards of socializing as a single parent


Parenthood is both rewarding and challenging. You’re proud of the colorful artwork they made, but you also have to wipe the table of errant crayon scribbles. You listen to their stories of fancy and adventure, but you can’t help but think of that report you have to write. Being a single parent means trying to juggle the aspects of your life and your child’s life by yourself. Feelings of exhaustion and stress might convince you to put socializing with other people in the back burner. Don’t! Studies have shown spending time with a support group can lead to several positive outcomes. Here are some benefits of finding your community.

Break from the everyday grind

Every parent needs room to breathe and recover from the grind of parenthood. High stress levels can impact one’s ability to make sound decisions, making it tempting to resort to less than ideal disciplinary practices – spanking, screaming, and bribing. Children also know when their parents are perpetually tired and stressed, which can affect their growth and relationship with other people. Feeling happier and supported will give a single parent the space and opportunity to be more present and listen to the needs of their children.

Helpful referrals to professionals

Looking for trustworthy professionals is a hard task for a single parent. You want the best help you can get to ensure success for a reasonable price. Will the babysitter treat my child fairly and responsibly? Is the contractor aware of best practices to baby proof my house? Is the child support lawyer from Denver experienced to navigate my appeal in the court of law? Testimonials of the support group can give insight to who has your best interests at heart.

Improved Self-Esteem

The challenges and worries faced by a single parent can chip away self-esteem and confidence. You might feel you’re not doing enough for yourself and your children and strive to do a lot of things that may cause burnout. The support group is a source of encouragement, care, and advice from single parents dealing with similar events. They can pull you out of the swirling negative thoughts and reassure them with patience and objective reasoning, reminding you about your inner strength.

New friends for your children

Children of single parents look for friends in similar situations to share their experiences and feelings. When you join a support group, you are allowing your children to play and interact with their peers who are in the same boat. They will feel loved and understood because of the safe space. Since you are spending time with the parents of these children, you will feel assured they will be a good influence on your child and not lead them to form bad habits.

Joint celebrations and vacations

Family skating

Celebrations and vacations can now be a group effort instead of an arduous solo climb. During summer vacations or spring breaks, you don’t have to be the sole organizer to keep your kids engaged and having fun. Support groups can conduct trips where you can join in with other single-parent families. You can save on costs due to group discounts and give your children more memories with lots of friends. Possibilities are endless when you have a little help.

Support groups provide a great way to improve the quality of life of single parents. They are a source of connection and strength to stave away feelings of isolation, loneliness, and unworthiness both for the parent and the children.