Is It Safe and Legal to Adopt a Child Through Instagram?

a kid holding a drawing of a family in a homeA couple living in Long Island, New York relied on Instagram to expand their family when they couldn’t have a child of their own, signaling that social media has become a tool for aspiring foster parents.

If you also live in Long Island, a family law attorney will be able to help you in the process of adoption. The National Council for Adoption (NCA) said you should seek legal counsel if you plan to adopt whether through an agency or on your own.

Independent Adoption​

The NCA offered three tips for those who wish to avoid certain traps. First, trust your instincts about any inconsistencies during the adoption process. If your research proves to be right, simply leave and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of adoption fraud.

Second, you need to be sure that a woman is indeed pregnant more than just their appearance or an ultrasound image. A doctor may issue a proof of pregnancy, which you can verify from the hospital or clinic. The last one involves not giving cash directly to the birth mother or family. Speak to your lawyer if you want to provide direct financial assistance, such as paying for pregnancy-related costs.

Agency Assistance​

New York has 58 public and 70 private adoption agencies. You don’t have to pay for certain fees if you’re adopting from the public foster care system. In case you want to adopt a child from outside the state, you may need to pay a certain amount to a private agency.

The child’s state of origin would then reimburse a portion or all of the legal and adoption fees, depending on the case.

It’s quite apparent that social media has become a nifty resource for those pursuing an independent adoption. However, the risks of adoption fraud remain present yet this can be avoided by seeking the help of an attorney who specializes in family law.