ISP Seeks Sanctions Against Piracy Monitoring Firm

piracyIf the new plea wins, things could get pretty expensive for piracy monitoring company Rightscorp.

Texas-based Internet service provider, Grande Communications, filed a legal advisory to the district court of Western Texas directed against Rightscorp. In the advisory, the ISP requested for just compensation over the costs of standing up against the subpoenas released by the piracy monitoring agency.

In the advisory, Grande’s attorneys wrote that, “Rightscorp and its counsel failed to ‘take reasonable steps to avoid imposing undue burden or expense.’” Grande further asserted that Rightscorp’s withdrawal of the subpoenas is additional proof that the company is at fault.

The case

The advisory comes after Rightscorp issued a subpoena for Grande Communications, requesting the ISP to disclose confidential information on about 30,000 IP addresses, which allegedly engaged in piracy. Many ISPs have complied with such requests, except for the likes of Grande Communication. Right after challenging the subpoena, Rightscorp withdrew it.

DMCA subpoenas are not subject to judicial review, as a Court clerk’s signature can render the document valid.