Mediation: Why Avoiding Trial will Save you Time, Money, and Stress

mediation room

mediation roomLegal disputes are complex affairs that can quickly turn nasty. Tempers flare, people get indignant, and soon, any chance of a peaceful resolution all but disappears. Before letting emotions get the better of you, ask yourself: is going to court really worth it?

There are many cases where talking it out is a more reasonable option. From divorce to making decisions for an elderly parent, these are issues where litigation should never be your first choice. The costs simply aren’t worth it.

Why You Want to Settle Outside of a Courtroom

Trials are expensive, and they rarely go smoothly. It could take months before the court reaches a resolution, and it might not even rule in your favor. The ever mounting legal expenses will put a significant strain on your finances. After everything is said and done, you might not even have much to show for it.

There is also the matter of emotional stress to consider. Few people can relax in a courtroom setting, facing a judge and having your legal issues out in the open. It puts you under the spotlight, and some cannot handle being scrutinized by the public for such extended periods.

This is why even experienced law firms that regularly go to trial, such as Miller & Steiert, P.C., usually advise clients to think twice before choosing litigation. In almost all cases, mediation is a much more preferable alternative.

How Effective Mediation Helps

Alternative dispute resolution is quicker, cost effective , and less stressful. It is usually impossible, however, for the two parties to reach an agreement on their own. As neither of them will budge, they need a neutral third party to preside over the discussion. A skilled mediator can assist in creating outcomes that are in everyone’s best interests.

Speaking on equal terms with the other side might be unpleasant to think about, but the benefits are well worth it. You can avoid the nightmare that is courtroom litigation, and have a swift resolution to this dispute.