Stopping Domestic Violence

Stopping Violence at HomeDomestic violence has been increasing in occurrence particularly in the United States. Individuals at home, may they be family members, spouses, or children continue to offend through physical and/or verbal abuse. Apart from laws that protect victims from offenders, below are other ways to stop violence at home.

Speak Up

Abusive relationships exist because those affected are afraid to speak up. They are afraid to talk about violent situations because they fear that this will only worsen the situation. Some victims, on the other hand, choose to face abuse as to keep their families together. Ring the bell. Tell a friend or relative about your abusive relationship. They will not only keep you safe but will also help you take reasonable action. 

Take Legal Action

Action, the word that combats domestic violence. Start by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline or any outreach organization to learn about a safety plan and seek further help. You can also call 911 if the physical abuse worsens and threatens your life. In Denver, a family lawyer says that such actions may lead to the offender’s arrest, conviction or deportation, which is why one should be prepared.

Make Use of Technology

A smartphone or tablet can greatly help when documenting and reporting domestic violence. The convenience and ease of access they provide allow one to take swift action whenever domestic violence. In addition, the internet helps one report abusive relationships and/or build awareness about it. Make use of these, and make sure to use them right.

Document Dates and Data

Whether you are the victim or the witness, making an effort to document dates, times, and injuries related to domestic violence will make an impact once legal action has taken a course. An ongoing documentation will not only prove your point, but will also determine the oppressor’s charges in court. Record your voice describing the incident, keep a journal or type notes on your phone to keep evidence close at hand.

Accepting domestic violence will not make matters better but will only worsen blood relationships. Stop domestic violence at its first sign by keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind.