The Kinds of Men You Will Eventually Divorce

DivorceNo one gets married and expects divorce to be the happy ending. Very few women choose a potential spouse who will behave in a manner that forces them to file for separation.

Most men are good in their own right, but there are some who seem perfect until you marry them. Once they put on their wedding rings, they end up being the bad news their wives make excuses for. They became the living proof of the old saying, “Looks can be deceiving.”, a local family law firm, says most women who file for divorce married these men:

The Narcissist

Being married to a narcissist is tough. Similar to the ancient Greek mythological figure they were named for, narcissists are firm believers of themselves; in their eyes, everyone is weak but them. A relationship with one is very much one-sided, as the narcissist will always flaunt his own greatness at your expense.

Some narcissistic people, however, are very good with their game. Their charm reels their prey in; once they have you in captivity, you’ll end up regretting it. Women married to such husbands continue to hope for the perfect spouse who will never come. It takes her a couple of years before she figures out she doesn’t need him.

The Mama’s Boy

There is nothing wrong with loving one’s mother. Most men devote themselves to their mothers, but there should be limits. If your husband would rather talk about serious problems with their mother instead of you, he might have a problem.

Mothers matter, but in marriages, the wives should matter more. Moms might have a difficult time letting their sons go, but she cannot always do everything for him. Unless he learns to stand on his own feet, the wife will always battle her mother-in-law for her husband’s affections.

The Control Freak

Everybody wants to be in charge once in a while — but not every time. In a marriage, it should be an equal partnership between spouses. When the husband becomes physically and emotionally abusive just to gain control, the relationship will damage you.

If you are married to one of these men, never forget to love yourself. Working it out is always an option, but know when it’s not worth it anymore.