Time to Go: Leaving an Abusive Marriage

Abusive Marriage in ColoradoYou have finally decided to put a stop to the dangerous situation of living with a violent spouse. Now, the problem is how you can divorce your spouse without him finding out and stopping you. If your husband is abusive, he may get agitated if you confront him, putting you and your kids in more danger.

Here is some advice to help you get it done.

Plan Your Moves

The first move is to plan your moves. When is the best time to leave the house? Can you arrange for a family member or a friend to pick you and the kids up? How can you pack some of your most important belongings discreetly? You must answer these questions when you’re planning everything. There are many, of course, but you have to be quick and detailed at the same time. Your life may depend on it.

You Need a Good Lawyer

Include this in your plans: get a good family lawyer in Colorado Springs. If you and your spouse already have a lawyer, avoid using that lawyer. First, there is the issue of trust and whose side the lawyer may be on and then there’s the matter of conflict of interest. Your relatives and friends — especially one who was divorced before — may have good suggestions. You may also use the web to do a search if you can’t find anyone via recommendations.

Never Leave Your Kids

If your husband truly is abusive, there’s no reason to leave your kids behind when you make your escape. Your plans should always include them. It is your responsibility to protect them. That’s why you need a great family lawyer because after the divorce you will have to go over child custody and support.

If you’re thinking you’d rather stay than go through all this trouble, think again. Putting your life — and the lives of your kids — in danger is not a sound decision; it shouldn’t even be a choice. Your spouse is abusive and violent, and you have to get out immediately.