What You Can Do Against a Sexual Harassment Charge


courtA sexual harassment charge is one of the most challenging things that anyone can go through. While the community at large usually has sympathy for the victims of the crime, anyone who is wrongfully charged will suffer consequences, even before they are given the opportunity to defend themselves. Being charged with sexual harassment makes the person suffer stigma, sometimes for life.

The role of moral standing in harassment cases

In harassment cases, one of the most crucial elements is the moral standing of the alleged offender. What is difficult is that there’s typically a bias against any person of superior position. The public may view a person charged with sexual harassment who is older or in a leadership role as abusing the bounds of their responsibilities. To this end, it’s important to draw the line between the professional and personal personas of each person in the office.

Harassment in the workplace

There are various types of harassment that individuals may experience even in the most formal of professional and academic settings. As previously stated, the superiority or the power of one person over another is very material in sexual harassment cases.

Once charged, it is important to seek the counsel of criminal defense attorneys, such as Noll-Law.com in Jacksonville, IL to plead your case. Without assistance, a charge as hefty as this may quickly get out of hand and ruin your reputation forever.

What qualifies as a “jest,” or “consent”?

The usual practice or awareness of the relevant persons may define consent. If it’s shown that the alleged victim and the person charged have been exchanging the banter as normal, it may be a defense, although a weak one at that.

The best defense is to show that there was no actual intent and that there was only good faith on the part of the alleged perpetrator.

Filing an administrative complaint in the office, as well as a complaint with the proper agencies is the first step in moving forward with the charge. As early as this step, it is important to have access to legal assistance to avoid mistakes.