Why Should You Hire a Disability Insurance a Lawyer?

a lawyer talking to an injured patient

The purpose of a disability insurance is to pay for some or all of the income of the worker should he or she suffers from a disability that would prevent him or her from working. A worker may end up with a disability due to several factors like injuries or accidents on the job. Other causes include serious illnesses like a heart attack or cancer.

Disabled workers who have disability insurance are entitled to receive a part or all of the salaries they lose while recovering from their injuries or illnesses. Disability insurance attorneys in Los Angeles can help make the whole claim process faster and a lot less stressful on the worker.

Importance of Disability Insurance

While the Social Security disability covers most types of workers, it comes with various limitations. For example, it can only be claimed at a certain age. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how much the worker’s salary is, it still comes with a maximum monthly payment capping.

On the other hand, a private disability insurance may cover as much as 70% of a worker’s salary. There is also no age limit, so the worker may claim the insurance at anytime a disability arises. Some employers include this as part of the benefits of their employees. Others, however, will need to buy one themselves.

Why Hire a Disability Insurance Lawyer?

A disability insurance makes sure that the earning power of a worker and the ability to provide for their family are protected at all times. However, there are instances when insurance companies act in bad faith and make it hard for the worker to claim what is rightly theirs. This is where the services of a disability insurance lawyer come in handy.

In fact, don’t wait until your claim has been denied before hiring one. To make sure that your claim will not encounter any problems from start to finish, you should hire a lawyer expert in the disability insurance field from the get-go. They will make sure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed so your claim is less likely to get denied.

A disability insurance helps protect the earning powers of workers. However, when insurance companies act in bad faith, you will end up with a lot of headaches trying to make your claim. To help protect you against any unscrupulous actions from some insurance company employees, make sure to hire yourself a qualified disability insurance lawyer.