Why You Must Bail Out Your Loved One Urgently

Dollars underneath gavel

Getting arrested for whatever crime it may be is no laughing matter. The population of Americans with a criminal record has soared over the past decades, but the consequences of going to jail do not diminish. If your loved one is accused of a crime in the Tar Heel State but is allowed to post bail, jump at the chance to reclaim his or her freedom.

If you do not have the money to cover the bail right away, find an agency offering bail bonds in Charlotte, NC or any nearby community to deal with a lesser fee to meet the court’s requirements just so your loved one does not stay behind bars for too long.

Here are the reasons why you should act with a sense of urgency:

1. Criminal Cases Are Not Always Resolved Quickly

According to a 2017 report from the Color of Change and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a nonprofit, seven out of 10 prison inmates have yet to be found guilty. And yet, they are being punished like they have been convicted of the crime accused of them. This ugly reality happens because American criminal courts are often busy with too many cases.

Arrested individuals must wait for their turn and actually have to stay in jail until proven innocent — unless they can post bail if it is an option. Only a qualified lawyer can tell you how long your loved one’s case may take to be resolved. When given the privilege to regain his or her freedom and live life normally while attending trials, take advantage of it.

2. Prison Changes People to the Core

It has been well-documented that jails affect inmates to the core. It is common knowledge that prisons are a socially threatening environment, which can change individuals, but not necessarily reform them for the better.

An individual that spends a long time behind bars usually does not get out as the same person. Yes, the prison should rehabilitate convicted criminals in preparation for their reintegration into the society, but the status quo is far from perfect since many former inmates become repeat offenders.

Considering that 70% of those locked in jails are not even convicted, it is important to get your loved one out when there is an opportunity. It will be unfair for him or her to pay for a crime without conviction.

3. The Stigma of Spending Jail Time

Although the number of Americans who have been to prison have become innumerable, it does not mean that society has been tolerant of it. Discrimination certainly exists. Former jail inmates are less likely to get employed or be approved of credit because of their past.

While your arrested loved one’s moment in prison may not follow him or her around forever when acquitted, there is no telling how other people will treat them after getting out of prison. Bail can be used as a measure for damage control, for it can keep your loved one as a productive member of the community while the case is being heard.

Keep your arrested loved one from being scarred by long-term prison experience forever. Time is of the essence, so seek out a reliable bail bondsman to help you with your situation.