Wrongful Death Claim: Why and When to Hire a Lawyer

Lawyer receiving death claim files

The demise of a family member is, in itself, an emotionally challenging situation. What more if the death is not due to a disease or a natural cause, but brought upon by someone’s negligence? While such difficult times call for some time to process the quick turn of events and to grieve, you must also think about filing for a wrongful death claim as soon as you can.

Reasons to Push for Justice

With the help of a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles, it is important that you realize your right to make the party at fault pay for their negligence that resulted in the death of your loved one. Here are the reasons it is wise to take immediate actions.

  • You have the right to know the truth

In many instances, the person responsible tends to hide the truth. They may refuse to cooperate with the investigators, refuse to disclose what they know, or simply flee and hide. When you take action and coordinate with the authorities immediately, you have more chances to know the truth and prevent the culprit from escaping or hiding.

With the help of an attorney who works closely with the police and investigators, you can speed up the process and perhaps get a little peace of mind in such troubling times.

  • You deserve financial stability

Other than the emotional stress and trauma, death can also cause significant financial problems to family members. Besides the medical and funeral expenses, you will have to think about the future of your children, too. This is especially true in cases where the person who died is the provider for the family.

This is the reason you must pursue compensation from the responsible person or company. Depending on the strength of your claim, you can receive money to cover your expenses and lost income. This may not be sufficient payment for the life of your loved one, but you can use the money to keep your finances stable as you move on from such a distressing situation.

When to Hire a Lawyer

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If you are thinking about whether or not you should contact a wrongful death attorney, know that certain situations always require professional legal help. Here are some of them.

  • Car accident – Fatal vehicular accidents can occur due to reckless, drunk or irresponsible drivers. If your loved one is a victim of a car crash, you need the service of a lawyer specializing in this field.
  • Pharmaceutical drug error – Wrongful death may also be caused by a drug company’s failure to disclose the potential fatal side effects of their products. It is also their responsibility to inform consumers about the negative effects of their drugs when used alongside other drugs. Wrongful death cases arising from such situations require thorough investigation and legal assistance.

A wrongful death attorney can help you file for a successful wrongful death claim. Other than working closely with authorities and negotiating with the insurance company, your lawyer will represent you before the court until you get the compensation that you deserve.