Is your world falling apart? You need to speak to a solicitor

a lawyer

To be accused of a sexual offence is probably something out of your worst nightmare, especially if you are being wrongly accused. Whatever your circumstances, if you are found guilty of the offence, it could ruin your reputation, make you lose your job and your loved ones’ support, and you could even lose your liberty if you are given a custodial sentence. The fact is that an accusation of a sexual offence is extremely serious and this is why it is essential that you seek support from a sexual offence solicitor at the earliest possible moment that you can. You will need to find a solicitor who is experienced and knowledgeable to ensure that you get the best outcome for your case.

The time is nowlaw

If you’ve been asked to go into the police station for questioning, then you have a right to have a solicitor present with you. It is at this stage that it is certainly a good idea to contact a solicitor. You can find solicitors who are available to assist you 24/7, so no matter when the police come knocking on your door, you can feel reassured that a solicitor will come and represent you. Some firms operate throughout the UK, as well, so doing your research is a good idea. Check out on their website, whether or not they have been established long or if they have been endorsed by any groups such as Legal 500 or Chambers and Partners. This will help you to narrow the field, when you are searching for the firm that is right for you.

Initial telephone call

When you speak to the firm on the telephone, you should take this time to discuss what has happened so far and to find out what they believe they can do to help. This is a good opportunity for a solicitor to outline where you currently stand in the legal process and for them to explain what would normally happen next, so that you are fully informed about what is going on. They should also be able to present their action plan of what they will do to assist you, so you can start to feel reassured that you have somebody with the legal expertise you need to take the appropriate action on your behalf.

What happens after questioning?

If a solicitor has been with you for questioning and has not found a reason for the case to be dropped (which can sometimes happen), then you will either be released or charged. If you are charged, a solicitor will then be able to take proactive steps to start gathering the evidence required for your defence. This can include interviewing witnesses, expert witnesses, and getting other information such as CCTV footage. Your case will first go to a magistrates’ court, where you will enter your plea of guilty or not guilty, and then you will be referred to the Crown Court. You will go there to be sentenced, if you plead guilty, or you will have a trial if you plead not guilty. In the Crown Court, you will also be represented by a barrister, but your solicitor will support them by providing the information they require at any given time.

With a strong legal team supporting you, you should receive the fairest outcome for your specific case. Don’t let your world fall apart; enlist the services of a solicitor.