A Beginner’s Guide To Emotional Intelligence

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For a long time, people believe that intelligence quotient or IQ is the only thing that makes a person successful. But there are a lot of things that cannot be solved by just using your IQ. Aside from being good in academics, people must connect with their feelings well. You can use this simple guide to help you and the people close to you to be at peace. But if you need more professional help, you can go to a trial attorney who specializes in family law in PA.


Emotional intelligence is a skill. It is a person’s ability to know, discern, assess, use, and manage emotions. It aims to create positive results in one’s self and other people. And it also relieves mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Understanding these things will influence the way you think. And even how you connect with other people.

The difference between emotional intelligence and intellectual ability is how you acquire it. When you go to school and study math, science, and languages, you can improve your IQ. But learning emotional intelligence or EQ considers a lot of factors. It could be how your parents raised you, the environment you grew up with, and the good and bad experiences in your life. So you can say that emotional intelligence can still be acquired even if you don’t go to school.


Having the best intellectual ability does not guarantee a successful life. You might know people who are academically brilliant but still having a hard time landing on a good job. But it is not safe to say that you don’t need IQ to be successful. Emotional intelligence and IQ should work together to achieve 100% success in life. For example, when you take your final exams, you need IQ to answer the questions. But you also need EQ to deal with the stress and pressure while answering it.


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Emotional Intelligence is divided into four according to experts. The first two is about your emotions. And the other two is about other people’s emotions. 

Self-awareness is about recognizing your own emotions. And also, the ways on how it affects your thinking and behavior. With this, you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses. Self-management is another core skill. As you recognize your emotions, you should also know how to control and manage them in positive ways. It will help you adapt to changes, take initiatives, and honor commitments.

Social awareness is about understanding other people’s emotions, feelings, and behaviors. It helps you to be sensitive and comfortable during social occasions. On the other hand, relationship management will help you maintain a good connection with other people. With this, you’ll also learn to work in a group effectively. And later on, you’ll recognize the power dynamics in an organization.

Positive and radiant energy will continue to overflow from you because you are contented and satisfied with who you are. Confidence will follow as long as you develop your emotional intelligence. You know your goals and dreams, so you will take small steps to reach them. And you won’t be afraid of obstacles and challenges in your life.