Instances that Make Couples Seek a Legal Separation

Legal Separation

When a couple falls in love, it never crosses their mind that someday they would live without each other. However, it is evident that at times marriages get to their end. Whether it is due to infidelity issues, financial constraints, or societal pressure, a couple has to face the reality of living without the other person. In that situation, they have to choose between separation and divorce. These two situations are different, and the situation of the couple determines the appropriate choice. Regardless of their choice, the couple must seek the help of a family law attorney in Littleton. Have a look at the common reasons for getting a legal separation:


Although divorce seems a good idea for the married couple, it is not always good when there are children in the family. Children suffer emotional hurt and feel unloved when their parents are no longer together. Some parents understand that divorce can be detrimental to their children, so they opt for a separation. When parents separate, the children become accustomed to not seeing their parents together. The parents can then seek divorce later on when the children are grown-ups and can handle the pressure of their parents undergoing divorce.

Property Division

In some states, a couple should be legally separated for a certain time before they can file for a divorce. In such an instance, the couple can opt to get a legal separation. During this period, the individuals can sort out issues in their marriage. These issues include property division among the children and the individuals. Figuring out property division issues before a couple can file for divorce prevents property issues that may arise later when filing for a divorce.


Marriage is a union that many religions uphold. In the making of the marriage, the individuals make vows to one another to stick throughout no matter what. When a couple has entered marriage in that instance and cannot live together anymore, they opt to get a legal separation. That way they do not break the vows they made. Also, divorce is not acceptable in many religions, leaving individuals with the option of getting a separation.



There are instances where individuals are not sure whether they still desire to be together. Attorneys advise such a couple to take time to consider their differences before rushing to get a divorce. Filing for a divorce is time-consuming and requires resources. The process of undoing a divorce is also a challenging one. In separation cases, if a couple needs to get back together, they will just do so because they have not dissolved their marriage. The case will be different if they have divorced and need to be back together.

Although a legal separation does not seem like a good idea, it might work for a couple and their children. There are specific laws that dictate how the process should be carried out. Engaging a family attorney in Littleton ensures that you handle the separation case in the best way possible. That will ensure peace between the different parties and eliminate any legal problems that may arise in the future.