Basic Areas of Employment Law Every Business Manager Should Know

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Running a successful business in today’s’ world is a legal minefield. There are many legal issues you will need to deal with that could cripple your business if mishandled. Big companies generally have a legal department to ensure that they operate within the law. However, this might be a luxury that startups and small companies cannot afford.

Whether you have a legal department or not, there is basic legal information regarding employment that you should have at your fingertips as a leader. Luckily, you can now engage an employment attorney in Denver, Colorado to help you grasp some of this information. Here are the primary areas covered in these courses:

Harassment and Discrimination

These are one area of employment law that has seen many companies dragged to court. There are various forms of employment discrimination that you should guard against. The common ones include religious, gender, racial, age, pregnancy, and disability discrimination. All people should have fair opportunities for employment and promotions.

Overtime and Compensation

There are times when you may need employees to put in extra hours to get something done. In these times, you should ensure that they take breaks as mandated by your federal and state laws. There are also federal laws that you should be well conversant with regarding which category and how many employees are entitled to be paid for overtime.


Workplace safety is now a top priority worldwide. Your work environment should fully comply with the latest guidelines set by the OSHA or Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Should an employee get injured, your company should adequately compensate him or her and allow him or her to take adequate time off to recuperate.

Legal literacy is a crucial requirement for business managers nowadays. By grasping the above basic concepts, you are in a better place to protect yourself and the company from costly lawsuits. With the option of learning online, through DVDs, or through text, you do not need to take time off to acquaint yourself with these fundamental concepts.