Two Devastating Effects Of a DUI Conviction

driving in a curve

A night out to celebrate your new job, promotion or land a large corporate account can throw your life into a tailspin if you get drunk. Being convicted of driving under the influence sets off a chain of events that stick with you for life. Unfortunately, all these events conspire to make your life more difficult and can radically alter your trajectory.

1. Withdrawn Driving Privileges

Gleaning from DUI lawyers in Denver, at least one person dies each hour in the United States when alcohol-impaired drivers crash their vehicles. Eager to lower these statistics, most states crack the whip on drunken driving. If you’re flagged down when your blood alcohol content is above the legal maximum of 0.08%, you’re in big trouble.

For starters, you will spend the night in jail and have your car towed. You will have your license suspended for nine months (if that’s your first offense) and incur a fine of between $600 to $1,500. Depending on the alcohol content and your conduct on the road, you can spend up to a year in jail. You might find yourself facing a felony charge as well.

2. Dimming Career Opportunities

Once convicted of driving under the influence, the charge will stick on your record for ten years. Anyone running your background, from prospective employers to landlords, will come across it, and this might give them a different opinion of you. In most cases, employers avoid people convicted of felony charges even when they didn’t spend time in jail.

In a tight job market, you might have a hard time landing a job that suits your skills or preferences. Court dates, community service, and jail time can put your job at risk, as they entail taking days off work.

Many people remain unaware of the devastating effects of being convicted of DUI until it is too late. It stays on your record for ten years, wreaking havoc in just about any sphere of your life.