Dealing with Your Kids’ Questions About Your Upcoming Divorce

Child looking at cutouts of a family

As a responsible parent undergoing a divorce, you should know how your child is dealing with the situation. A good indicator is the questions that he or she asks you and the answers that you give him or her.

Keep these guidelines in mind when discussing with them what you are going through:

Be Honest

You may want to shield your child from the harsh truth that you and your spouse are undergoing a divorce, but that might harm him or her in the long run. When they ask questions about it, be honest with your answers. What you can control, however, is the information that you will include in your reply.

Be Careful

As much as possible, only tell your child what he or she needs to know based on the question. You do not need to add anything extra or anything that they would not be able to understand, such as bad feelings or accusations against your spouse. That sort of topic is best discussed with another adult, such as your family lawyer in Townsville.

Be Patient

Children do not know or understand many things, so they will ask many questions and follow-up questions, divorce-related or not. That is part of how they learn about the world, so it is best to keep trying to answer their inquiries. Divorce can be tough, sometimes, even for an adult.

What is important is that you help your child learn what he or she needs to know, and encourage him or her to become a better person. Divorce is one of many possible difficult experiences that he or she can face. It will benefit your child greatly to know how to deal with it and it starts with you answering their questions properly.