The Surprising Facts About Divorce

Divorce ConceptNot many people can claim to be experts in divorce. By its very nature, it’s not something most people will go through more than once, if at all. Even if that does happen, the law is always changing, so it really is advisable to ask for professional help. This is where the services of a divorce solicitor in London come in handy.

Receiving professional legal advice can save precious time and energy, and while going through something as emotionally draining as the dissolution of a marriage, that’s going to be really welcome. There are also a lot of myths around divorce, which a divorce solicitor in London can clear up straight away. Firms in the capital with a long track record of working in Family Law, such as Saracens Solicitors, can dispel any mistaken beliefs and show couples a clean and clear way through the process.

Myth one: the divorce proceedings decide on custody of children and the separation of joint assets. This isn’t true. The divorce petition is an entity in its own right, that is purely concerned with dissolving the legal marriage contract. The childcare and financial agreement is done separately and isn’t legally part of the divorce.

Myth two: divorce always ends in court. We’ve all seen the courtroom dramas where a couple are publicly fighting out their divorce in court. While it makes good TV, in reality, divorce can be settled without the need to go to court. If both partners agree on the grounds for divorce and want to go ahead, there is no need for them to show up in court. They will still need to apply to the court to be granted their decree absolute, but they won’t have to personally appear in front of a judge.

Myth three: divorce takes a long time. This isn’t a total myth, as divorce proceedings can be dragged out over years, if one party wants to make things difficult. However, if both partners agree, divorce can be finalised in only 4-6 months.

A divorce solicitor in London can advise on all these topics and more and help to make the legal part of the divorce as painless as possible.