Divorcing Amidst the London Lockdown: Is It Possible?

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The world has changed in less than a month due to the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). To prevent the spread of disease in the country, the British government implemented a lockdown on March 23, closing most non-essential establishments and allowing people to leave home only for essential errands such as groceries and drugstore visits.

The “new normal” due to COVID-19 may have changed plenty of things. But some do not. For example, if your relationship is over, you might wish to move on with it by filing for a divorce. With a lockdown in place, is it still possible to proceed with your separation?

More Time to Think and Consider

Before you get in touch with a trusted solicitor firm in London, use your spare time to plan for your divorce. Since you have more time on your hands, there are plenty of options: you can make the first move, or, due to changed priorities, you can reach a settlement with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse that may have been impossible to achieve under “normal circumstances.”

Use the time to consider the financial consequences, your current legal position, and possible custody arrangements (if you have children).

Once you have decided to push through, get in touch with a legal professional. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to do so.

Proceeding with the Divorce Under a Lockdown

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Some solicitors and divorce attorneys conduct most of their operations at home. You can still get in touch with them through email and Skype calls. Using remote technology, you can start the first few steps of the proceedings before you go to court.

How will this play out?

  • Step 1: The First Call. This allows you to explain your situation, explain your options, and learn more about your legal position. Some people phone legal professionals to check their grounds for divorce, decide where and when to divorce, and understand the process and time frame for divorce.
  • Step 2: Proceed with the Divorce. Once you’ve understood your options and the costs of your decision, you can decide to go ahead. Check the divorce paperwork and learn more about your financial agreements before you finalise the divorce.
  • Step 3: Appoint a Solicitor. This part is as simple as saying you wish to go ahead. You can confirm your decision via phone or email. Provide your chosen solicitor with your situation while they inform you of the full details of their terms and how they will proceed with your case.
  • Step 4: Apply. Apply online or ask your solicitor to apply on your behalf. The process is straightforward, although some of the questions might require your input.
  • Step 5: Get Advice on Your Finances. During your phone call with your solicitor, finalise how you can divide your finances. Consider how COVID-19’s economic impact might influence your financial situation, too.

The current situation might prevent you from going out to drop by a solicitor’s office, but you can proceed with the first stages of your divorce. Get in touch with a legal professional today to seek guidance.