Ending Your Marriage? Start By Calming Yourself

Marriage Issues

Marriage IssuesWhat is the best way to tell your spouse that you want to get out of your marriage?

After years of struggling in a toxic relationship, ideas on how to break the news to your future ex-partner are aplenty. Should you tell them plainly or place a loud sign in the bar your spouse frequents? Should you make a scene and blurt out all of your spouse’s wrongdoings during a friend’s party?

While it’s tempting to announce your longing for a divorce in a grand manner (such as wrecking your partner’s car in the process), exercising some self-control helps.

Feels So Right, Yet so Wrong

When you experience hurt, your tendency is to lash back and inflict pain on those who hurt you. In this case, you want revenge on your spouse. Sometimes, you just want to paint the words “I want a divorce” on the back of his/her car.

Initially, it feels right but once the feeling wears off, you’re left with your thoughts and, probably, guilt: “Did I just really do that?”

Some people think they will win if they do something horrible against their spouse. But when it comes to separations, there are no clear winners. Rather than stress yourself over finding ways to get even, it’s best to just keep calm and think objectively.

Take a Deep Breath, Move On

Ericrisk.net, a family law practice, recommends being the better person to prevent complications emotionally and legally. It can be challenging, but by staying calm, you can win more from your divorce.


By remaining objective with your separation, you can use mediation to resolve issues concerning your separation. When you do so, you enjoy lower costs, spend less time in court, and reap better results with the settlement.

Momentous Win for a Lifetime of Misery

At the end of the day, your separation is all about forgetting the past and moving ahead. It’s not about the revenge — it is all about getting the right settlement.

Getting back at your ex is a momentary bliss definitely not worth your time. Ask yourself: what do you gain in the long run? Will the image of a revenge-thirsty and bitter spouse help your image during the proceedings?

Not quite.

So, when it comes to announcing your want for a divorce, remember to always keep your calm. To ensure you get favorable results, be objective and think of each other’s best interests instead.