Going Through a Divorce? At Least You Aren’t These People

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Removing Wedding RingIf you’re going through a divorce, you’re part of the 3.6 couples in every 1000 people who get one, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US and law firms such as Kim H. Buhler, Attorney at Law, P.C.. This means that there are a lot of other people in divorces and yours is not the worst.

While no one can say how tough a time it is for you with your chosen divorce attorney, such as, here are some divorce stories supplied by the candid guys on Reddit that can make you feel a bit better. After all, if you know someone else out there is more miserable than you (preferably your ex), isn’t that something to feel better about?

  • User ammjh said that the fight for the groceries left in the fridge cost the couple around $1000 in lawyers and mediator fees. The total amount they were fighting for? A measly $40, wherein half the contents could have already been spoiled. The sad part was that the fight came down to a jar of peanut butter that shouldn’t have been kept in the fridge anyway.
  • User lawschoollorax said that his case fell apart because the couple could not agree on who will get the massage chair. Discussions over the two children produced by the marriage went over quite easily.
  • Another person under the user name msc2436 reported that a couple argued for three hours on who would get the children on Christmas day only to remember that they were a Jewish family.
  • The same user posted that the husband had drained their mutual bank account to transition to female without the wife’s consent.
  • A common occurrence with divorced couples is that one party continues to harass the other by placing accusatory phone calls to the other party’s office. The nasty ex declares anything from theft to fraud just to get the ex-spouse fired. In some cases, the caller usually gets sued with harassment. In other cases, the ex-wife who wants to get the husband fired is also demanding child support.

Reddit has a wealth of stories that can make you feel better about your own divorce. Who knows, if you show it to your ex he or she may back down unless they want to become the next Internet laughing stock.