Guide to Protecting Yourself Legally

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Be it at home, outside, at work, or at school, it’s critical to be aware of your surroundings and of your environment. There are many dangers and risks that lurk in places we least expect them. Of course, don’t do anything that might put you in a risky situation as well. Essentially, the only way we can protect ourselves legally is by being very aware of our actions, and knowing our rights in the event someone tries to supersede them.

Below are some other tips when it comes to protecting yourself in legal matters.

Follow (And Understand) The Rules and Regulations

The number one way of protecting yourself legally is to follow the law. If you know you are on the right, and that you have done nothing to disobey the law, you most likely have the upper hand already. Of course, get yourself a lawyer who will give you sound advice on your legal concerns. If you need a reliable legal process server to help you on cases against another party, your lawyer can help you understand all points of consideration, so you can know your best course of action.

Make Sure You Have a Record

In most situations, it’s best to have video proof of what is happening to you that might potentially put you in a precarious situation. It can be while you are driving, when someone is harassing you on the street, inside and outside your home, and even in your office. To help you with your case, authorities will often ask if you have proof to support your claims. This is what makes video recordings most useful.

Fortunately, we all have smartphones equipped with cameras and videos. Our cars can also be equipped with cameras in the front and back to protect us in case of road accidents. In addition, almost every establishment has security cameras monitoring the area 24/7.

Get Insurance

Legal processes can be quite costly, particularly if the involved parties cannot meet on common ground. The entire thing can drag on for months, and it can cause you a lot of stress. Getting insurance can help you mitigate costs especially in cases related to personal injury. If you get involved in a road accident, for example, having insurance will save you from horrendously large medical bills. Protecting yourself legally doesn’t mean making sure that you’re within the constraints of the law, but also means having the resources to prove your innocence (or get back what you may have lost) should the need arise.

Never Drive Under The Influence

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We’ve seen all the infomercials and constant reminders on drinking and driving will only result in a disaster. We even agree with it- until it’s us who’s a little tipsy and has to be behind a wheel. In 2016, almost 11,000 people suffered fatal injuries and even death due to alcohol-related accidents. People often believe that they still have good control of their senses despite being slightly intoxicated, justifying that they can still drive.

Regardless of your actual fine motor skills, however, avoiding all forms of alcohol when driving is tantamount to safety. This isn’t just to prevent yourself from getting into accidents but to also avoid running with the law. You might be subjected to a sudden breath test, and failing that can land a hefty fine or even a visit to the precinct.

Cooperate with the Right Authorities

Another way to keep protecting yourself legally is through cooperating with the right authorities. Say that you were a witness to a crime. The police would most likely want to have your testimony of what happened- coordinate with them, and with them only. Giving the testimony to the wrong person might complicate things, and even drag you into the legal proceeding. Make sure you cooperate and coordinate with the proper authorities to help and make sure your name is cleared.

Be a Responsible Citizen

Lastly, to protect yourself from any legal matter, it all boils down to being a responsible and upstanding citizen. Following the rules immediately puts you at an advantage because it helps you to avoid dangerous situations. Even though accidents are unavoidable, in the event that you find yourself wrongfully accused of a crime, you (with the help of your lawyer) would already have a winning argument against your perpetrator. If you know the rules and follow them, you can give more sound and confident statements when defending yourself in court or to an officer.

Getting embroiled in a legal battle is something that’s best avoided. It’s difficult to deal with and can drain your finances easily. This is where prevention ultimately becomes the best discourse, and protecting yourself legally is the only way to do that.