How Women Can Address Workplace Conflicts the Healthy Way

angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplaceOffice drama can hurt parties involved on different levels, but women tend to get affected worse than their male counterparts do. They experience a lot of stress due to stereotypes and gender-biased double binds.

Beyond the conflict itself, a 2013-published study has found that female employees can suffer more because of the bad rap they tend to receive when it comes to disputes at work. According to the study, they’re seen less likely to mend a broken relationship with a coworker after the fight, which can damage job satisfaction.

No thanks to gender wars, women must address workplace conflicts differently to keep disputes from hurting their careers and overall wellbeing. If you can relate to this, these are the most effective approaches worth considering.

Going to Mediation

Seeking a mediation and judicial arbitration services of experienced professionals is key to resolve conflicts the healthy way. Mediation provides a safe place where you can have a voice and be heard. It can give you a sense of self-empowerment, and the opportunity to be recognized by the other party.

Giving Direct Feedback

Psychologists suggest metacommunication as an effective to way to navigate double binds. By directly commenting to the sender of the message that unfairly causes you stress, it can reduce its power over you. In some cases, you may achieve greater success if you metacommunicate privately.

Letting Actions Do the Talking

Rather than addressing the issue of others with you openly, you can instead prove stereotypes wrong with actions. Demonstrating your strengths and acting with consistency can counter preconceived notions about you effectively over time.

Leaving the Toxic Environment

When all else fails, walking away and quitting can be the healthiest thing you can do to save yourself from the stressful situation. It may not be the best decision in a bad economy, but it’s perhaps your best option to protect your mental health.

Or, ask to be transferred to another department, if possible, where you feel is more conducive to working with female employees.

The world has a long way to go to achieve gender equality, especially when it comes to conflicts at work. Despite the odds against you, there are effective ways to resolve simple misunderstandings and major disputes without compromising your position.