What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lawyer talking on the phone

Lawyer talking on the phoneIf you have been charged with a crime or have been arrested, you will need a criminal defense attorney to help you out. The attorney you must go to is different from the one who helped you with your will or your business as these are civil lawyers. You will need to find a lawyer who’s a specialist and expert in criminal law.

Go Local

If possible, get a criminal defense lawyer who has ample experience in the specific court where the case against you is pending because they would already know the court’s personnel and procedures. While the same laws apply throughout your state, court procedures might differ from courthouse to courthouse.

For instance, defense lawyers in one county might have an idea of which prosecutors usually negotiate well in advance before the trial and those who usually plead right before the trial begins. They likewise know the law enforcement officers and how to perform during a trial.

Ample Experience with the Crime you’re Charged with

Make certain that your defense lawyer has ample experience in representing people accused of the same crime that you’re charged with, or at least similar crimes. Criminal law is extremely complex that many lawyers specialize in specific kinds of crimes.

For instance, as criminal defense lawyers in Utah County explain, one lawyer might specialize in drug offenses, while one specializes in white-collar crimes, and another in drunk driving. Don’t be shy about asking for specific information about your potential lawyer’s schooling, background, and experience.

Your Instincts

Your criminal defense lawyer would represent you in court, so it’s vital that your lawyer is someone who you’re personally comfortable with. The most successful client-lawyer relationships are partnerships, wherein clients get their say when deciding on crucial matters. Put simply, don’t get a lawyer who will treat you as just another case file.

Keep in mind that once you’re charged with a crime, you’ll be part of the criminal justice system. This system is made of complex rules and procedures that would need help navigating. The help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is crucial in managing the case against you and obtaining the best possible results — a dismissal or a reduced plea bargain.