Motorcycle Accidents Are Increasing in Utah

two bikers on the road

There’s more to riding a motorcycle than enjoying the breeze and cutting through the air at exhilarating speeds. Safety is also of paramount importance.

It is a sobering fact that motorcycle accidents are increasingly common in Utah. And William R. Rawlings & Associates, a motorcycle injury attorney in Salt Lake City, says that they are the worst type of vehicular crashes because motorcycle riders usually drive at high speeds and with minimal protection.

Motorcycle riders are eight times more likely to incur injuries than people in a car accident. Additionally, motorcyclist fatalities occur 27 times more than fatalities on board other types of vehicles. Raising an awareness of these facts may also increase an awareness among riders for safety on the road.

Being Aware of the Situation

Riding a motorcycle is fun — until an accident sends you and your bike skidding down the road. This seems to be happening more often in Utah. In fact, state officials are urging riders to be more careful because motorcyclist fatalities have increased by 50 percent in the last year.

Common reasons for motorcycle accidents are excessive speed, unrestrained riders, drunk driving, failure to yield, and road distractions. Moreover, riders may encounter injuries and fatalities by not properly preparing for a trip — no matter how short or long the ride is.

Getting Ready for the Road

Motorcycle accidents are not always the fault of the rider. Sometimes, they occur because of other vehicles on the road. Nevertheless, motorcyclists always have to be ready for the worst case scenarios.

Wear proper protection.

Protect your head by always wearing a helmet. Wear leather or heavy denim to protect your arms and legs in a crash. Wear shoes that are high enough to cover your ankles. And consider using gloves for better grip on the handlebars.

Follow the local traffic laws.

Always ride responsibly. Even experienced riders have to follow traffic laws. This minimizes your chances of getting into a motorcycle crash. And if you do get in one because of another party, you can confidently say that you were driving defensively and obeying traffic rules.

Don’t drive under the influence.

Everyone knows not to drive under the influence. But you also have to be careful when it comes to prescribed medications. Some medicines may have a negative effect on your balance, coordination, focus, or judgment. So, in addition to being alcohol-free, make sure your medications don’t affect your driving.

Stick to these rules and you’re less likely to have a motorcycle crash. And even if you do encounter one, then you can prove that you were being careful and will have a stronger claim for injuries.