Primary Deviations Recognized in Child Support Cases

a kid with her parents and a lawyer in the background

In the U.S., there has been a steady rise in divorce. Currently, over 30% of couples are undergoing divorce. If you have kids, it is essential to make their post-divorce life as comfortable as possible.

One of the things that a divorce attorney in Marysville will help you handle is child support. All states have regulations concerning the amount of child support and the variables that affect it, but there might be some deviations from these regulations in specific cases. Here are the usual forms of deviation that apply to child support.

Health Insurance Premiums

If a child has a health insurance premium payment, then this affects the child support amount. Depending on the particular payment, the amount may be lowered or increased. If the health insurance premium covers other family members, the non-custodial parent is only required to pay the insurance attributable to the child that he/she is supporting.

Job-related Child Care Expenses

These costs are those related to the care of the child, as the custodial parent is involved in vocational training, employment, or education. Before the application of this deviation, the court must deem it necessary according to the child’s lifestyle and custodial parent’s financial capability. If various public assistance programs subsidize the expenses of your childcare, this deviation will not apply to your case.

Non-mandatory Deviations

These are applied based on the judge’s discretion and your case. Non-mandatory deviations typically apply in situations with unique alimony, life insurance, permanency plans, and parenting time arrangements. Non-custodial parents can also request downward deviation to cater for travel costs if they travel to see their child.

Every couple’s divorce is unique and so is child support. The given deviations ensure that your child is well provided for regardless of your divorce circumstances. There are particular proceedings related to these deviations. Thus, inform your attorney early to make the appropriate arrangements.