The Question of Abuse: Is It Happening to the Kids?

A Little Girl Crying Against the Wall"

A Little Girl Crying Against the WallA number of divorcees call themselves “victims” during their marriage, especially if abuse was part of the story. Apart from domestic violence, a terrible reign of dominance and dictatorship in the household also counted as a form of personal abuse.

Once the marriage ended, only then did they consider themselves free.

But what happens when the abused spouse believes the curse is now on the children?

For family law practices in Colorado Springs, the courts encourage the kids to maintain contact with both parents, presumably for their best interests. Some cases, however, fail to uphold their best interests, ending up with stories of neglect or abuse.

What should a suspecting parent do?

Don’t Jump into Conclusions

When the child shows signs of abuse or neglect, it’s important to remain calm. Difficult as this may be, assumptions may only worsen the situation. Just because the abused spouse suffered at the hands of their ex-partner, it does not automatically mean the child is now the new target.

In some cases, the kids express displeasure to seek attention, manipulate the situation, or get in the other parent’s good graces.

Still, this does not mean to put one’s guard down.

Trusting the Instincts

After careful consideration of subtle indications that suggest child abuse, divorced parents should trust their gut. Divorced and abused spouses witnessed their ex-partner’s abuse firsthand; therefore, they have a better idea of the symptoms.

Separation triggers different responses in children, but divorcees can never know when the child’s sudden nightmares, bedwetting, or decline in academics is a reaction to the separation or abuse.

Consult the Experts

Should the abuse be real, operating alone is not an option. Instead, it’s best to work with people who can help.

Most divorce attorneys also handle child custody matters, but since the child’s safety is on the line, parents should seek help from attorneys who deal with Child Protective Services (CPS) cases. Since there’s no guarantee the CPS will find evidence of abuse, skilled attorneys can navigate them towards immediate action.

Not every child-related concern involves neglect or abuse. Parents are both responsible for upholding the best interests of their kids. When it comes to abuse, it’s important to always trust one’s instincts and seek help before the situation gets worse.