When You Got Injured While in an Uber Car, Who Should You Sue?

A Woman Using an Uber App

A Woman Using an Uber AppUber rides are becoming increasingly popular in America today. They are, after all, more convenient, quicker, and somewhat cheaper than cab rides. But have you ever wondered if Uber rides are any safer? In the case of car accidents, who will be held liable? Is it the car owner or is it the Uber company?

Uber collects a safe ride fee from each rider. This fee covers background checks and safety education for the drivers, as well as vehicle screenings. Despite these safety measures, accidents still happen. So, Uber provides insurance coverage for both drivers and passengers. However, this coverage depends on the driver’s activity at the time of the accident.

Case #1: The driver was using the vehicle, but he’s offline and unavailable to pick up passengers. If an accident occurred in this case, he could only rely on his personal and auto insurance policies.

Case #2: The driver was available to pick up passengers, but he didn’t have a passenger at the time of the accident. The driver’s personal and auto insurance policies should cover the damages. But Uber will provide additional liability coverage upon the request of the driver (if his personal insurance policies failed to cover all the damages).

Case #3: The driver was carrying a passenger at the time of the crash. In this case, Uber’s one million dollar liability coverage policy will cover both the driver and the passenger.

If what happened to you is similar to case number three, then you can file a claim for personal injury from Uber. But you need to remember that getting compensation from companies like Uber won’t be easy. It is best that you hire the services of a personal injury lawyer in Springfield, Illinois so a professional can guide you through the legal processes.

Now that you have learned a bit more about Uber’s insurance policies, you now know what to do if an accident occurs while you’re in an Uber car. Also, always remember that even if Uber rides are faster and cheaper, there are a few risks that may come with it.