Suspicions of infidelity

Suspecting Infidelity? What You Should Do

Open communication with your partner is vital when suspecting infidelity, fostering understanding, and seeking clarity. Gathering evidence while respecting privacy laws can confirm suspicions and provide concrete facts. Professional services such as private detectives and…

Asset management

Overcoming Common Legal Challenges Faced by Asset Managers

Asset managers navigate legal challenges such as compliance, cybersecurity threats, and contractual disputes. Regulatory risks, intellectual property infringements, and unpaid invoices are other potential legal issues. Employee matters, including unfair dismissals, discrimination, and unpaid wages,…

A Person with Handcuffs Holding a Sign that Says Fraud

What to expect during HMRC investigation

In the UK, the biggest entity relating to fraud investigations is Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If you find that your company is about to undergo an investigation from HMRC relating to tax, it…